A Tribute to The Man Repeller

freshandprecious-michaeldeiningerbell-wethefashionati-42freshandprecious-michaeldeiningerbell-wethefashionati-50-2freshandprecious-michaeldeiningerbell-wethefashionati-54freshandprecious-michaeldeiningerbell-wethefashionati-30freshandprecious-michaeldeiningerbell-wethefashionati-41-2freshandprecious-michaeldeiningerbell-wethefashionati-32I recently came across a list of the top trends that men hate. While I’m the first to agree that most women dress for themselves (or at least not for men), I had to see which of my faves made the list. Basically everything I’m wearing minus the leather pants (because no duh) were unfavored by the opposite sex. The funny part is that this outfit makes me feel awesome, sexy, and like Tomb Raider (a more frilly, metropolitan version of Tomb Raider). Consider this one of my “Man Repeller” outfits: Peplum top, high wedge heels, high-waisted pants, and a top knot. Most of the men I date don’t really understand fashion, and for the most part that’s okay because I don’t understand the rules for most sports, video games, or why some wear socks with sandals…but as for the ones that areΒ repelled by it…zero f***s given :)

I hope you all have had a great start to 2014 and have upheld your resolutions so far! One of mine is to be more fearless and confident. Oh, and cutting back on the 30 Rock reruns!

Photos by Michael Deininger-Bell

The Cove Top by Parker NY//Vegan Leather Trousers by H&M//Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch//Marc by Marc Jacobs Wedge Booties similar here

One comment

  1. This look is amazing, and my moto is this- if men like it, it is usually not stylish. LOL. As for my bad behavior, well, I would like to go ahead and recommend a theme for next month… I say we choose a spring color trend, and post how a looks showing how to incorprate it into our winter wardrobe. You like? ;)


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